Bathroom mirrors

Small mirrors
Big mirrors
Dimensions (rectangular mirrors)
20x20 in (50x50 cm)
24x16 in (60x40 cm)
28x20 in (70x50 cm)
32x24 in (80x60 cm)
39x28 in (100x70 cm)
Dimensions (round mirrors)
Ø16 in (40 cm)
Ø20 in (50 cm)
Ø24 in (60 cm)
Ø28 in (70 cm)
Ø32 in (80 cm)
Ø35 in (90 cm)
Ø39 in (100 cm)
Dimensions (semi-circular mirrors)
10x20 in (25x50 cm)
12x24 in (30x60 cm)
14x28 in (35x70 cm)
16x32 in (40x80 cm)
18x36 in (45x90 cm)
20x40 in (50x100 cm)
Dimensions (irregular clouds)
19x19 in (48x48 cm)
23x23 in (58x58 cm)
27x26 in (68x67 cm)
30x30 (77x77 cm)
34x33 in (87x86 cm)
38x37 in (97x96 cm)
Dimensions (irregular teardrops)
14x28 in (35x70 cm)
16x32 in (40x80 cm)
18x36 in (45x90 cm)
20x40 in (50x100 cm)
Dimensions (oval mirrors)
16x28 in (40x70 cm)
18x31 in (46x80 cm)
20x35 in (52x90 cm)
23x39 in (58x100 cm)

Bathroom mirrors

The moment when you can catch your breath taking a bath in the evening or relax after a quick shower on a hot day… you just want to smile! You can do this for yourself by looking in a modern bathroom mirror! It is necessary for daily care rituals, but at the same time it can constitute a great decoration for the bathroom, thanks to which you will immediately spend time in it.

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Stylish mirrors for the bathroom

It is difficult to imagine a bathroom without a mirror, and that is why its choice should certainly not be made at random. Modern bathroom mirrors are the perfect decoration for the interior and at the same time they are extremely functional and it is worth focusing on such features. By choosing rectangular bathroom mirrors you get the perfect combination of classics and simplicity with practicality – a large, comfortable field of view ensures the comfort of using the bathroom even for several people at the same time, while the timeless design gives you the opportunity to use the mirrors in various arrangements. Round bathroom mirrors will make the room cosy. They will also work perfectly for decorative walls, which they are not going to cover, but only additionally decorate. You can also choose two round mirrors for the bathroom, perfect above two sinks – hung next to each other they look extremely interesting and will provide comfort to all household members.

Backlit bathroom mirrors

What else, besides a mirror, is needed in a bathroom? Of course, proper lighting – both one that will create the right mood during evening baths, as well as one that is going to not allow you to miss anything during your care rituals. What if we combined both? Backlit bathroom mirrors are an extremely convenient and practical solution that will provide excellent facial illumination and facilitate all treatments in the bathroom. A mirror with backlight will be perfect for a small bathroom, in which every free piece of wall counts – you can forget about wall lights or handheld lamps that unnecessarily occupy space. A backlit mirror will also create an extremely pleasant, cosy atmosphere in the bathroom, perfect for evening relaxation sessions or moments when you need to use the bathroom at night, and the main light is too bright.

Modern bathroom mirrors

Mirrors for the bathroom can be adapted to any style. They can be simple and timeless, as well as slightly fancier – it all depends on the interior design. If you love minimalism, it is worth choosing a mirror for the bathroom with a simple frame or even without one – then it will certainly not dominate the interior. Aficionados of more extravagant solutions should pay attention to a modern bathroom mirror with a decorative frame, which can replace other decorations, allowing to add a lot of style to the interior while limiting unnecessary additions.

A large selection of mirrors for bathrooms can be found in our store. Which one best suits yours? Check out our offer and find the perfect model for your interior.