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Dimensions (semi-circular mirrors)
10x20 in (25x50 cm)
12x24 in (30x60 cm)
14x28 in (35x70 cm)
16x32 in (40x80 cm)
18x36 in (45x90 cm)
20x40 in (50x100 cm)

Half circle mirror

Welcome to a realm where artistry meets function, where the harmony of shapes beckons, and where light finds new meaning. Allow us to introduce our latest collection - half circle mirrors, or as we lovingly call them, half moon mirrors. Escape the ordinary and indulge in the extraordinary. Our Half Moon Mirrors are a testament to the saying that beauty lies in simplicity. Shaped like the crescent of the moon, these mirrors bring a slice of celestial charm right into your homes, infusing spaces with an unconventional elegance that's hard to miss.

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Reimagine your space: discover the charm of half moon mirrors

Each mirror, crafted meticulously, exudes a modern and light style. Frameless, these mirrors embody an ethereal quality, their edges smooth and seamless, seeming to float upon your walls. The minimalist design allows the focus to remain on the unique half-round shape, ensuring they are a statement piece in any setting. Available in several sizes, these semi-circle mirrors are designed to cater to a wide variety of aesthetic requirements. Whether you're seeking to adorn a cozy corner or make a grand statement on a vast wall, there is a half moon mirror waiting for you.


But why stop at one? Unlock your creativity and assemble a striking composition of mirrors on your wall. Combine multiple half moon mirrors to create a full moon, or align them in a cascade to form a series of waxing and waning moons. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


These mirrors aren't just reflective surfaces; they are a portal to a world of style, a vessel of your unique taste, a symbol of your penchant for the unorthodox. Each glance in these mirrors is not just a reflection of you, but a reflection of your impeccable taste. We invite you to take a leap from the predictable and explore the wonderful world of half circle mirrors. Allow them to transform your spaces, add a dash of whimsy, and create an atmosphere where contemporary style effortlessly blends with artistic expression. Discover a new perspective, reflect a new style, and see the world through our half moon mirrors. Don't miss out on this opportunity to redefine your spaces. Dive into our unique offering and find a mirror that truly reflects your style. Discover the wonder of our Half Moon Mirrors today.