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    The power of mirrors: unveiling the hidden potential of your home

    In the realm of home decor, a wall mirror is much more than a mere reflective surface; it's a transformative element that can utterly redefine a space. Strategically placing a mirror at home can make rooms appear larger, lighter, and more inviting. It's an instant upgrade to the wall, blending functionality with aesthetics. A mirror can capture and reflect light, infusing your home with a warm, welcoming glow. It can also serve as a focal point, drawing the eye and setting the tone for the entire room. When chosen wisely, a wall mirror will not only reflect the beauty of your home but will amplify it, creating a space that truly resonates with your personal style.

    Choosing the perfect mirror: reflecting your style and enhancing your space

    When choosing the perfect mirror for your home, consider the function, placement, and overall style. Will it be a statement piece in your living room, or a functional addition in your hallway? The location can guide the size and shape of your choice. Larger mirrors can create a sense of depth in smaller spaces, while round or oval mirrors can soften the hard edges of a room. Consider also the style of your home. A modern, minimalist design might call for a sleek, frameless mirror, while a more traditional space could benefit from a mirror with an ornate, decorative frame. Remember, the right mirror should not only reflect your space but also your taste and personality. It's not just about finding a mirror, it's about discovering a piece that's a true reflection of you.

    A spectrum of choice: mirrors for every style and space

    Step into our store and immerse yourself in a rich array of wall mirrors, a collection that promises diversity in form and function. Traditional shapes, like rectangles and circles, find their place alongside more adventurous designs, such as irregular, teardrop, or semi-circular mirrors. Each shape is a statement, an invitation to express your personality and style. Our mirrors come with or without frames, leaving room for you to decide. Opt for the sleek, modern edge of a frameless mirror, or choose the bold definition of a black or white frame. Each option offers a different aesthetic, and the power to transform your space lies in your hands. Our selection doesn't stop at design. We offer a multitude of sizes, empowering you to find the perfect fit for any room. No matter the style of your home, from the minimalist to the extravagant, there's a mirror here for you. With our extensive range, you're not just buying a mirror, you're choosing a piece that fits your space, complements your style, and creates a reflection that's uniquely yours.

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    Welcome to our carefully curated collection of wall mirrors. We believe that mirrors are more than just practical items for your home, they're the perfect way to add a touch of style and charm to any room. Our range includes a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each crafted with modern design principles in mind. Whether you're looking for a large statement piece or a small decorative accent, you'll find it here. Our mirrors are designed not only to reflect, but to enhance the space around them. So why not take a look and discover how our wall mirrors can transform your home? You won't be disappointed!

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  3. Mirrors
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    Breaking the Mold with Irregular Mirrors

    Encapsulates the innovative and unconventional appeal of these unique decor pieces. Irregular mirrors defy the standard rules of symmetry and uniformity traditionally seen in mirror design. Instead, they embrace abstract shapes and unexpected contours, offering a refreshing deviation from the norm. Their frameless design enhances their contemporary appeal, presenting a clean, uninterrupted surface that maximizes reflection. This results in a bold, minimalistic aesthetic that can effortlessly elevate any room's ambiance. Whether it's a fluid, organic form or a more geometric, abstract shape, each irregular mirror carries a distinctive personality. This allows them to be more than just functional objects for reflection. They transform into captivating pieces of wall art, adding a creative touch to your interior design. The appeal of irregular mirrors also lies in their ability to challenge our perception. They encourage us to see our surroundings - and ourselves - from different angles, turning the act of reflection into a more engaging, dynamic experience. By breaking the mold, irregular mirrors invite us to rethink the norms of interior decor, encouraging a more expressive and personal approach to styling our spaces. They are the embodiment of modern design principles, where uniqueness is celebrated, and creativity is inspired.

    Adding Character with Irregular Mirrors: A Modern Decor Approach

    Transformative power of these uniquely shaped mirrors in contemporary interior design. Irregular mirrors, with their unconventional shapes and frameless design, offer an artistic approach to decorating spaces. They add a layer of personality and intrigue that is hard to achieve with more traditional decor items. Each irregular mirror, with its distinctive shape and silhouette, becomes a reflection of your individual style. Whether you choose a mirror with a fluid, organic form or one with sharp, geometric contours, you're making a statement about your personal taste and appreciation for modern aesthetics. More than a practical element, these mirrors serve as captivating pieces of wall art. They can dramatically alter a room's ambiance, infusing it with a sense of sophistication and artistic flair. By simply introducing an irregular mirror into your space, you can create a focal point that sparks conversation and captures attention. In the realm of modern decor, adding character to your space is about embracing pieces that are unique, interesting, and reflective of your personality. Irregular mirrors do exactly this - they break away from the conventional, introducing a dynamic element to your decor, and in doing so, they inject your space with character and charm.

    Beyond the Norm: How Irregular Mirrors Transform Spaces

    By introducing an irregular mirror to your space, you open a world of aesthetic possibilities. They bend the rules of traditional design, offering a fresh perspective on your decor. These mirrors can instantly add depth, amplify light, and introduce an element of surprise to any room. They serve as statement pieces, injecting personality and modern charm into your space. Whether it's a compact hallway, a chic bathroom, or a spacious living room, an irregular mirror can dramatically enhance the feel and appearance of your space. In conclusion, irregular mirrors are more than just functional items. They are pieces of modern art that reflect not only images but also your unique style and aesthetic preferences. They are a testament to the power of stepping beyond the norm, embracing uniqueness, and making bold design choices. So why not break away from the traditional and add an exciting twist to your decor? Explore our range of irregular mirrors today and discover how these captivating pieces can transform your space, illuminating it with modern elegance and character. There's an irregular mirror for every style and every room, waiting to redefine your perception of space and decor. Don't wait, invite innovation and creativity into your home with an irregular mirror.

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    Irregular mirrors, with their frameless design and unconventional shapes, are an exciting and modern approach to interior decoration. These mirrors are not just reflective surfaces, but statement pieces that command attention and stimulate curiosity. The charm of irregular mirrors lies in their unpredictability. The absence of a traditional frame and the distinct, unique shapes infuse a room with character and personality. Whether it's a drop-like form, an abstract geometric pattern, or a playful, distorted circle, each irregular mirror brings a sense of creativity and individuality into your space. These mirrors are not bound by any stylistic constraints, making them a versatile decor element. They effortlessly adapt to a variety of interior styles, from the most modern and minimalist to rustic or bohemian settings. An irregular mirror can serve as the perfect finishing touch in a contemporary apartment, or it can introduce a hint of modernity into a traditionally styled home. Irregular mirrors are incredibly versatile in terms of placement within a home. They can add interest to any room, be it a bathroom, living room, bedroom, or hallway. In a bathroom, an irregular mirror can create a spa-like ambiance. In a living room, it can become a captivating focal point. In a bedroom, it can add a touch of whimsy and personality, and in a hallway, it can create an interesting visual journey.

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  6. Organic frameless mirror 27x26 in
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Organic frameless mirror 27x26 in

Organic frameless mirror 27x26 in

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Our uniquely Organic frameless mirror in size 27x26 in, with its curved and distorted shape, adds a captivating touch to any space.
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Our uniquely Organic frameless mirror in size 27x26 in, with its curved and distorted shape, adds a captivating touch to any space. Without conforming to traditional symmetry, this mirror exudes an artistic charm that is both intriguing and visually appealing. The irregular and bending circular form of this mirror brings a sense of movement and dynamism to your decor. It breaks away from the expected norms, infusing your space with a touch of avant-garde elegance.

The unconventional shape adds character and uniqueness to your interior design. It effortlessly becomes an eye-catching focal point, commanding attention and sparking conversations. Whether in a modern or eclectic setting, this asymmetrical mirror creates a stunning visual impact. In addition to its aesthetic value, our mirrors also offers functional benefits. Its reflective surface enhances the perception of space, making a room appear larger and brighter. The curved edges and distorted shape add an element of intrigue, making it more than just a mirror but a captivating work of art. Indulge in the allure of this Organic frameless mirror, with its captivating shape and artistic appeal. Let it redefine your space, injecting a sense of creativity and individuality.

Information about the product

♦ Mirror made of perfectly smooth sheet


♦ Ground edges of the glass


Shape: Irregular


Mirror Sheet Thickness: 4 mm


Mounting System: Metal hangers + Foam Spacers




Product dimensions

The size given in the product title is rounded. Please see below for exact measurements:


♦ 19x19 inches (48x48 cm) - 19x18,9 inches (48,3x47,9 cm)


♦ 23x23 inches (58x58 cm) - 22,8x22,6 inches (58x57,5 cm)


♦ 27x26 inches (68x67 cm) - 26,6x26,4 inches (67,6x67 cm)


♦ 30x30 inches (77x77 cm) - 30,4x30,2 inches (77,3x76,6 cm)


♦ 34x33 inches (87x86 cm) - 34,2x33,9 inches (86,9x86,2 cm)


♦ 38x37 inches (97x96 cm) - 38x37,7 inches (96,6x95,7 cm)